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…are woven into the core business activities of the company, which include the production and sale of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

For a healthier and higher quality life.

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30 years
of experience


Trust built
over decades

Since its inception, Slaviamed has been guided by its core values:

Thanks to these values, for three decades, we have been producing medicines that are unique in many ways on the market, and we continuously work to preserve and improve health.

Establishment and
the journey to success

In 1993, a company was founded to market medicines for human use. Combining the words ‘Yugoslavia’ and ‘medicine’, Slaviamed had only two employees at its inception. At that time, the small company rapidly expanded, initially with a range of prescription drugs intended for the domestic market and later with the registration and distribution of medicines abroad.


Production facility
and laboratory

In 2007, the production facility for medicines in Sremska Mitrovica began operating, contributing to the development of the local community. Soon, in 2008, the conditions were met, and the quality control laboratory for our medicines was put into operation.

Dedication to
quality and improvement

Years of dedicated work followed with the same goal, to continuously provide high-quality medicines.

On this journey, the cornerstone of good business is investing in knowledge through specialized training of our staff, as well as external education and professional development of our employees.

Today, our company has 74 employees and continues to develop and grow.


Our activities:

We are a team dedicated to the initial goal, the development of the Slaviamed brand, quality medicines, and reliable experts, with the desire to contribute to a healthier and higher quality life for all of us.

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About social

Being socially responsible means not only fulfilling legal obligations but also investing further.

Slaviamed, through its socially responsible business practices, continually contributes to improving the quality of work and conditions in healthcare centers, seeks to facilitate meeting the needs of patients, enhances the quality of people’s health, and thus contributes to the development of the entire community as well as society as a whole.

Slaviamed has a long tradition of philanthropy, and projects and actions come from all segments of socially responsible business.

Commitment to the Environment

In our business, we pay great attention to environmental protection. Responsible behavior towards the environment is one of the elements of the company’s policy.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical waste management procedures are carried out to ensure its safe disposal for the health of people, animals, and the environment.

We achieve rational use of electrical energy by investing in production processes, HVAC systems, modern IT, as well as laboratory and production equipment. Archiving documentation in electronic form and digital communication has reduced the use of paper documentation.

We constantly improve our business by defining goals and projects. Through training for our employees, we work on raising the awareness of each individual.

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